Monday, March 25, 2013

10 Reason Why Your Website Less Traffic

This only MY OPINIONS and based on my experiences.

1. Your Website is like a diary.
Seriously, if you need such a diary go buy a book and write it. Because people came for help, guide, tutorial, how-to, learning, explore, that's why you need to stop it. Unless you're happy on what you are doing.

2. Uniqueness.
Some people like to copy and paste, that's why BLOGGER DESIGN TUTORIAL is all over the places. No unique, and unique is matchless to gain traffic. Unless you got your own style of the same info.

3. Title and URL.
Seriously, if your blog about COMPUTER I don't think you wanna named it to BAKERY title or your NAME, why you must put such crazy name, that's not unique, that's idiot (sorry).

4. Your Blog to many Ads.
When your blog has so many ads some people with dislike it. Why? Because it may slow down them to read your golden post.

5. Your Blog has MUSIC!.
OK, one of major problem is music on blog, your blog is about article, writing, etc, but why must put song? Wonder if you open YouTube while another tabs opening blog with music, seem like the music in war? Some blog even don't have pause button, some I can't even FIND IT! where the hell the music come from!?

6. Too Slow Loading.
Another great problem, you should limit your post, limit your HTML (Useless widget please remove) because if you make your customers wait, they will angry and close your blog and run away. Scaling your image to smaller size can improves loading to your website.

7. Not Active Blogging.
If you had a store, you wouldn't leave a store unattended for 6 months, right? Keep updating. 
More content = more people search = more traffic = more views

8. Less Information.
Are you writing a journal? Google is our friends.. get some tips from it.

9. Website Design.
Graphical look may increase your traffic, like men see women. If your blog not so attractive then you should change (overact design can make our eyes suffer please consider change to creative looks)

10. Your Writing Style.
Do not (NEVER USE and I really mean it) short forms like "IDK" , 2day (today), and more because that may confuse peoples around you. Please use the correct grammar (even I'm not so good in grammar) , nice sentences, correct spelling, funny is a bonus but mostly watch your languages. Using English Language may improves your website traffic.

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