Sunday, February 08, 2015

(This section will be updated periodically)
In this blog, problems may occurs.. So, as the admin of this blog, I will update what I can to provide the information here to let everyone alert what's happening to this blog.

  • Sometime ads crash on your browsers when their server doing maintenance or your connection speed is slow.
Problem : Sometimes you not seeing timer of the ads to click skip button.
Solution : Reload or go Back. (if the link is a download link, please wait or try again later)
  • This blog contain random stuff. Click Tutorial List to check the sitemaps (tutorials).
  • All software here has been tested before upload, no virus detected just false positive.  
  • Not ALL post have videos because we tried to avoid from massive copyright material.
  • Slider has been removed because it makes page slow. If you want to see, click [HERE]
  • No major problem detected. Tired of ads? Click [HERE]

Thank You. Hope to see you again. 

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