Saturday, March 16, 2013

How To Block & Unblock Website Without Using Any Software

How to block and unblock your favourite website without using any software, just little tweak over host file. Blocking is a good ways to manage the web for your family or anybody using computer.

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1. Open your Computer...

2. Go to the address bar copy and paste this : C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and Enter.

3. Click on Host, right click > Properties (General Tab) untick read-only

4. On Security Tab, change the permissions (Users) to gain full control.

5. Now open the file (Host) with notepad.

6. Edit your host, go bottom of the notepad and add line there.
Example : /
so put or and save it, You're Done.
To Unblock, edit the host, delete the line you've add and save.

For software guide :


  1. When I was in my College I always wanted to access many blocked sites during my computer practical classes but these sites were banned from my network admin end and whenever there was a blocked site word in URL we received an “Access Denied” page but when I knew about this site it’s an Gold coin for me. I accessed blocked any site in my college by using Unblock all Sites

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