Saturday, March 16, 2013

How To Play All Video/Audio Format On Windows Media Player

How to make default Windows Media Player plays all format video/audio like .mkv .flv .wav and more with using a software only (no need another player)

Watch Video?

1. Download K-Lite Codec Pack Full :
           Alternative Direct Download :

2. After finish downloading, open K-Lite Codec Pack Full to install.

3. Tick Advanced Mode and Next.

4. Untick "MPC-HC" and "Tools"

5. Do not create Start folder then untick all Additional Task except "Reset Setting to Default"

6. Use software decoding, then Next then select WMP (for file associations).

7. Select all video/audio format to play.

8. Pick your speaker configuration (Default PC is 2.0 Stereo) just click Next if you not sure.

9. Tick "No thanks" for toolbar.

10. Click Install, wait till finish. You're DONE.

So the thumbnail of videos will change from this :

to this :

And enjoy you videos on Windows Media Player.

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