Friday, March 15, 2013

How To Prevent Hackers From Your Blog (Blogger)

5 Tips to prevent hacker from your blog (blogger) and your computer and secure it.
Based on basic, and my experiences.

1. Do not click any Spam/Scam/Phishing advertisements. Makes sure you Clear browsing data after using your browsers to avoid hacker takes away your cookies (data) to get information you encrypt (password) or browsing history.

2. Do not use same password on several websites. Do not use weak password.
Do not give or share your email to anonymous unless you knows who you're dealing with.
Please USE password like these :-
(Create passwords at least more than 7 or 8 Alphanumeric with 1 Uppercase and Symbol)

Please AVOID password like these :-
123456, 54321
Abc123, 2486abc,
Admin1, admin1, administrator
Your ID/IC (931218342342) / Your phone numbers (0123433434)
Your birth month (j4nu4ry, nov3mb3r, m4rch)
Why? Good question : brute-force can crack it easily, just a matter of time.

And! Never register on website/forums/others that are unknown with original password
Why? : Maybe they own the server, once you encrypted your password, they'll stored it so they will use it on your Facebook, emails, banking account. (Be careful on website you trying to register or login) and if you want to register, please use different passwords, easy or hard password is acceptable at least they (hackers) do not know the original.

3. Do not download unknown software that do not have certificates (malicious).
Before downloading, please Google it for more information to be more secure on what you're downloading and not a rogue software. Do not download hacking tools on website, some of them can be harmful or attack website. And knows what you're downloading, like example you downloading a game like Angry Birds, they must be 40 MB+, cannot be less (so the less maybe a virus or trojan).

Why? : They installed keyloggers (any key you're pressing, they recorded it and sent to hackers to gain access to banking account, emails, Facebook and more) please be more careful, research first before start the download.

4. Use better Antivirus and good Firewall (Optional).
Some of free antivirus does a good jobs, to be more secure take a firewall (optional).
Example antivirusBitDefender Free Antivirus
                             Microsoft Security Essentials
Example Immunization Spybot 2 : Search & Destroy (Prevent Script Kiddies hackers)

5. Do not use INTERNET EXPLORER most hackers can hack through user who using IE easily.
A good tips to follows :
- Always update your browsers. Firefox   Google Chrome
- Always update your Java
- Always check your URL and determine it's correct or not (Use https:// if possible)
- Please set the clock and date to latest date (current)
- Toolbars sometime can harm your privacy
- Be careful on internet, it maybe wide, contains everything but they can be dangerous place.
- Lastly, if you're blogger, keep it mind.. HTML (some widget maybe dangerous)

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