Sunday, December 08, 2013

How To Change Windows 8.1 Start Background using Wallpaper

For Windows 8 use this software[Startdock Decor8]
Change the default template of Start screen background using your desktop wallpaper easily.
You can find wallpaper here : [Wallpapers]

1. Go to your Start.

2. Hover your mouse to the corner screen and click on Settings.

3. In the settings, click on Personalize.

4. In the personalize menu, you will find your desktop wallpaper in the box (see picture). You're done. The start menu will copy your desktop wallpaper as wallpaper Start screen.
Tips :-
If you want a different wallpaper between desktop and start screen, You can't but you can try use this software : [Startdock Decor8]

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