Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How To Share Folder on Network With Password Protected Sharing

Guide how to share folder with password protected sharing windows 7 and windows 8 network.
Watch complete video if you unsure (down below). Recommended!

1. Open Network and Sharing Center.
Make sure the network type (if Home then Home / if Work then Work) on both sharing PC

Then Change advanced sharing settings.

Make sure :
-Network discovery turn on
-Password protected sharing is on
-Use administrator account.

2. Open Start Menu, type netplwiz and enter.
Click on Add then insert Username (any desired), after that Next for password (any desired).

Then at Group Section, click Others and choose Distributed COM Users.

Troubleshoot :
-Make sure you tick "Users must enter  a user name and password to use this computer".

3. Create new folder and named it as you want. Then right click the folder for properties. Click Sharing tab then Advanced Sharing, tick Share this folder, Share name (rename anything) then OK.

4. Click on Security tab, Edit, Add, then put the name of the user you've created in netplwiz (also you can use auth and users) after that Check Names and click OK. You're Done.
Now you've created the shared folder.

Watch the video (COMPLETE GUIDE)

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