Sunday, March 31, 2013

Determine Graphic Card (Gaming Card or Display Card)

1. This is Display Graphic Card
- Memory 2GB (DDR3)
- Alloy Cooling (no cooling fan)
- Mid-End for Gaming User
- Memory Bus Width 64bit
This card better just for early-mid entry games and for HDTV. No need to change PSU.

2. This is Gaming Graphic Card
- Memory 2GB (GDDR5)
- Cooling Fan (better cooling system)
- High-End for Gaming User
- Memory Bus Width 256bit
This card better for Gaming, HDTV but you may need to buy new PSU for the power consumption since the greater the performances the higher the electricity.

Before buying, check the coloured label. Are you buying the right card for your PC? One more thing, make sure your power supply is good enough to run the card or you will get blank screen in several minutes after playing intensive gaming.

Another tips :-
-Usually Gaming Graphic Card use GDDR5 or DDR5 (DDR3 is weaker)
-Gaming Graphic Card always have a Cooling Fan.
-RAM & CPU must be great as the graphic card or the card will be useless.
-Get a better Power Supply (PSU) that support intensive gaming 300W above.
-Bus width must be higher like 128bit or above (Gaming Card)

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