Saturday, March 23, 2013

How to Create And Delete Partitions Hard Disk Without Using Software

This tutorial teach you how to create partition and delete partition easily using Microsoft Administrative Tools.

1. Right click on Computer and click Manage or open Start Menu type in search disk manage and click on result (Create and Format hard disk partitions)

2. Then, go to Disk Management.

3. Shrink the selected partition, example C:

4. Wait few sec, after that set your space size you wanted to create partition (shrink volume)
Example : 30000 MB = 30GB
               ( 30 | 000 )  < Much easier if you remembered this step.
                GB | MB

5. Click on the black coloured bar, right click and select New Simple Volume.

Just press Next until you're finish to Automatically set new partition with auto-assign drive letters.
*drive letter = C: / D: / E: / A: until Z: ( drive letter must be different from others, mean C: cannot have double C: and C: )

Or manually assign when you're in New Simple Volume.

7. You're Done setting up new partition.

To Delete Partition...
1. Go to Disk Management
2. Right Click on Partition created > Delete Volume
3. Right Click on Main Partition (Primary) > Extend Volume (Press Next till finish)
4. Done.

Trouble? Watch Video (Fast Guide)

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