Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How To Set Up Hotspot With Your WiFi (Turn your Windows 7 Laptop into Hotspot)

Turn your laptop/desktop into Hotspot (Tested on Windows 7) Guide VIDEO at the bottom page.
To do this, you must have a laptop or wireless card (wlan) that support for desktop.
Make sure your mode is : Administrator 

1. Check services.msc (go to Start Menu, type in services.msc and enter)
Check WLAN AutoConfig services. Make sure it's STARTED and AUTOMATIC.

2. Go to Start Menu, type in ncpa.cpl and enter, You should have this :-
(Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter)
If you don't have it, try check with Windows Update for your wireless driver... or SKIP first.

3. Open up Command Prompt (CMD and make sure run in Administrator)
netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=ssidname key=ssidpassword keyUsage=persistent
Hotspot = WiFi name, rename anything you want
Password = your hotspot WiFi password (Alphanumeric not less than 8 chars).
persistent = Your WiFi password never expired and not temporary.

or you can do 1 by 1 :-

and when you succeed, it shows this :

 4. Go back to Adapter Setting... ncpa.cpl.
Click on your wireless adapter > properties > sharing tab > Allow ICS...
Choose adapter Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter (Name) in Home networking connection.

5. Start the Hosted Networking
to start the hotspot :-

to stop the Hotspot :-

Warning : After restart your computer, you need to start back the hotspot if you want to share internet. Make sure you give password access to only people you know to access internet sharing.

You're Done. So another wireless user can access your main WiFi using Hotspot.
The main use of hotspot is to strengthen your main WiFi signal (by laptop)
Example :
This my laptop (hotspot)

On another wireless user (laptop)
So, if they want access, they must key in the password hotspot you've set up. Enjoy.

Watch Video (Complete Guide)

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