Saturday, March 30, 2013

How to Increase Your Traffic Sources

Based on my experiences.
Sometime you do not need a single like, not a single follower at all. Just the view and backlink. Your blog is about revenue, you don't need to be a star or famous or a pretending hero. This chart from my own blog.. just for example how it raise to the top since I use the trick.

1. Join Blogger Network.
Joining blogger network can increase your traffic sources from different spot. Your blog will always be at the top if you update your blog daily.

2. Use Permanent-Link Post
Custom permalink can be a great sources for search engine to index your post.

3. Label Post Correctly
Do not make your labels like a tag in YouTube. Just make it right about your post.

4. Social Media like Facebook!
Post anything in your blog to your Facebook, groups, pages. Create a page will be good (optional). Twitter also can be great place to share your post. So people at least will click it.

5. Daily Updates
Make sure you always update your blog, so Search Engine Crawler will index your blog and makes your blog more visible to Search Engine.

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