Friday, November 15, 2013

How To Create & Restore System Image in Windows 8

System Image is useful, far more better than cloning or system restore (for personal usage) since whatever happen to your pc, you can restore the System Image to revert your pc to default setting with application that you've installed before you do the backup. 
Simple word : Format PC with all software and drivers installed. 

No EXTERNAL HDD or CD/DVD needed. Only your computer. 
(Tested on Windows 8 Pro 32bit and 64bit with WMC and w/out WMC)

1. Create new partition, this partition will be used to store the System Image files.
 R: is the system image location
2. Open Control Panel, click on Windows 7 File Recovery.

3. Create system image. Choose the location (actually it will automatically detected)

4. Tick the drives you want to make System Image, (Do not tick the storage location!) For me, I had no choice since I only have 1 partition (C:) to Image. Start the backup!
Wait until finish, and your System Image is ready!

To Restore :
Go to PC Setting > General > Advance Startup
and WATCH VIDEO to see how to restore the System Image completely!
(if your PC cannot boot to windows, press F8 key repeatedly when power on PC)

Watch Video (FULL GUIDE!)

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