Thursday, November 21, 2013

How To Disable Changing User Password (Windows)

Feeling unsafe when leaving your password protected PC which is online? Scare somebody who knows your password? And changing your usual password? Don't worry! Here's a way. Disable it!
(Tested on : Windows 7 Home Premium) if Windows 7 Pro, Ultimate you have gpedit.msc.

Firstly is basic, confirm your password has been set up, if not please create the password.

1. Run CMD as Administrator. (Click on Start, and type CMD, right click Run as Administrator)

2. Type in " net user " (enter) and find your computer username.

3. Type in " net user yourwindowsname /passwordchg:no " (enter)
Example : net user Windows /passwordchg:no 

4. You're done. You may close the CMD. Your PC now cannot remove nor change the passowrd.
Troubleshooting :-
To revert normal = net user computername /passwordchg:yes
To get info = net user computername

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