Monday, December 02, 2013

How To Reset Faronics Deep Freeze Password

Tested on : Faronics Deep Freeze v7 Standard
Forgot the password of Deep Freeze? Don't worry, lets bypass the password and create the new one.

1. Download software :-
Link 1 : [MEGA]
Link 2 : [Dropbox]
Link 3 : [Google Drive]

2. Run the software as administrator. Click on open new process, then click Start.

3. Left the password box BLANK, and click OK.

4. Go to Password tab and create new password, OK.

5. You're done. Restart PC, or log out (and log in again) to make the software take effect.
Q : Why restart or log out?
A : Because you will see the double icon of deep freeze in taskbar, to resolve it you'll have to restart or log out.

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  1. works! ty for the help :)

  2. Magi Bytes : Not Found
    Operation complete : Failed

    WHY ? WHY ?

  3. Magic bytes :Not found
    Operation complete :Failed

    please help

  4. Same the problem of others magic bytes not found can you fix it?

  5. magic bytes not found can you fixx it?