Sunday, December 01, 2013

The Best System Restore (Faronics Deep Freeze Standard + Key)

Working with : WINDOWS 7 & WINDOWS 8
Like a time machine (just restart computer to go back to default state or called frozen state)
When you want to preserve a computer’s desired configuration, Faronics Deep Freeze is the answer. Don’t waste time waiting for Imaging solutions to restore your computers, all you’ll need is a simple reboot! Whether you need to protect thousands of workstations across your enterprise or just that one PC at home, Deep Freeze is right for the job
Standard Edition (Pre-activated)
1. Download :- This software is pre-cracked. Install & use, do not update.
Link 1 : [MEGA]
Link 2 : [Dropbox]
Link 3 : [Google Drive]

2. Run setup, the notepad will open itself later, and copy/paste the serial when asked.
Select which drive/partition you want to set the Deep Freeze active.

3. Once installation finish, your computer will reboot. Then it will ask to change password, if you missed to click the notification then go check your taskbar (see image below). Hold shift and double click the icon.

4. Go to Password tab, enter new password and click ok.

5. Frozen state is where your pc is protected by this program, anything further you do, install, tweak, ANYTHING even clear the recycle bin and when you've restarted pc it will back to normal state again.

6. Boot Thawed, it's unfrozen state, but if you use 2nd option, it will unfroze on next restart and if you restart again it will frozen back.

Video (if deleted, download here : [Google Drive] )


  1. When I try to install the program, Notepad opens up with the license details, but then, another window opens up, saying that the "install program cannot determine product version information" and then the install stops. Please help!

    1. check your antivirus, and run the program as administrator.

  2. Please ignore my comments.
    The program is working satisfactorily now.
    Thank you!!

  3. Please ignore my comments.
    The program is now working satisfactorily!
    Thank you!