Monday, March 17, 2014

How To Format RAW External Hard Disk (Troubleshooting)

How to format and fix RAW external hard disk easily, this trick works well with me. This is a workaround, a recovery trick hopefully works to you. About the data there's no guarantee. Mostly RAW happened from bad sector or failed during cloning process.
No software needed :)

1. Firstly, go to Start and type diskmgmt.msc

2. Find your external hard disk. (Usually Disk 1)

3. Right click the device and click Delete Volume...

4. Now it's unallocated. Right click, and click on New Simple Volume...

5. So pay attention here, from the capacity of the device try reducing a little bit from the original space. After that click on Next until Finish. (Suggestion : Reducing 50MB would be good enough.)

~Hope it works :)

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