Sunday, January 11, 2015

5 Best Free Antivirus (2015)

Top best free antivirus pick worldwide (2015)
For free user, the best is the free antivirus for their security. So here is the review of the antivirus in this year.
*click on the name of antivirus to direct you into download page of the antivirus.

5. Panda Free Antivirus 2015   -    4/5

Pros : Nice interface, light, good cloud based antivirus. Less commercial, you can view many process, USB Vaccine and good URL scanner.

Cons : Less security offers since you're using free version. Sometimes risky virus not get deleted and not really fully cleaned.

Overall : If you're not crack software collector, then this for you. False-positive like keygen always get quarantined without notifications!

Pros : Fast detection rate, less false-positive, no ads, well antivirus for giving you option what to do with the virus by warn you first.

Cons : Update through Windows Update, not compatible with windows 8, sometimes hogging resources when you scan big files.

Overall : Well balanced antivirus, recommended for software collectors and software tester. 

3. Bitdefender Free Antivirus 2015    -   4.5/5

Pros : Very light and automatic, fast, good AV engine, no ads, clean interface, maximum protection on e-threat.

Cons : Clean all including your false-positive item without notice.

Overall : An antivirus that does all the security jobs silently in background. Never disappoint, recommended. Light and automatic.

2. 360 Internet Security    -   4.5/5

Pros : All-in-one antivirus that almost same like paid antivirus features and free! Plus, with TRIPLE antivirus engine. Have themes.

Cons : Separate updates for these AV engine that may slow down internet if yours is slow. Must set settings to not nagging about boot process and more.

Overall : Always ask for your action what to do with the viruses unless you've set automatically act. Not so lightweight but fast enough.

1. 360 Total Security   -    5/5

Pros : Superior detection rate even on registry. Intergrated Avira and Bitdefender engines total is 5 engines (3 from QIHU). Also provided with utilities that clean and tune your computer.

Cons : Nagging of updates including Windows but you may disable it.

Overall : Excellent free antivirus so far. Recommended.

# Tips #
-If you are using computer for downloading purpose, less care about e-threat : Number 4
-If you in office that just for work, document, music downloads : Number 3,1
-If you really scared of virus, don't bother about what you've download : Number 2,3
-If you software, crack, keygen, video, Warez, Piratebay : Number 5,4
-If you really bored : Number 5,4,3,2,1

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