Monday, April 22, 2013

How to Increase Website Traffic 1,000+ Views Per Day (SEO)

Let's begin. Increase your traffic website, to bring traffic (people) to your website is not an easy thing, you must be accurate, temperate to achieve something. Get Over 1K views per day.. without having many followers. 5 Easy-tips.

1. Auto-Ping!
Put your website at : and
this will crawl search engine to index your post or website to higher searching index
(make sure your blog has many post and usefull post)

2. Post Good Title Queries
Guest what people is asking about when they using Google. Example : They want to make cake.
Which one will they will input to Google Search Engine?
-how to make your best cake!! < this will get rank like usual.
-how to make best and delicious cake. < this will get higher search rank.

3. Submit Your Website to Directory.
Add your website here :
Get Back-link from many users who views your blog from the directory and then visiting your blog because of your attractive posting.

4. Do Not Over-Design Your Website.
To lure traffic of peoples, your website must not too crowded with ads, widgets and gadgets. Make it simple but informative, and choose the right fonts to make the website easier to read. When people love your website, they'll sure to check another post. (so they won't leave your website and increasing the views)

5. Perfect-Timing!
Make sure the time is perfect to post. How to know? Just post when your website hit the right point like Peak-Hour, but if your website still low on traffic just keep posting until you have the right time.

Example Peak-Hour (Before the next day)

I'm not guaranteed your website, but at least the traffic will increasing bit by bit. Happy learning :)


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