Sunday, April 21, 2013

How to Lock Folder With Password Protected Easily (PeaZip)

Lock your folder with password, set your folder with password, set folder password easily.

1. Download Peazip at this link : (This program is freeware)
Peazip is like WinRAR, WinZip, 7Zip but BETTER! and FREE!

2. Install the program. (Just install like usual but take note on this)
Installation PeaZip
-Select Custom installation

Context Menu
-Tick ALL

-Untick ALL first
-Tick Encrypt (PEA) only

DO NOT ACCEPT ANY LIKE THIS! and next until finish installation

This How To Set Password To Folder You Like.
-Choose your folder you want to set password.
-Right Click, go to Send to, select Encrypt.

3. Put your password..

This How To Unlock the folder

4. To open your locked folder, double click the folder, click on Extract.

Change the Output location if you wish to change the location of the extracted file. Set to desktop better.

Then, the pop-up appear, input your password to unlock.

So when you extracted, the normal folder will be created. So, after you use the folder just delete it no need to lock for 2nd time. You're Done.

Watch Easy Video

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