Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How To Add Shield Logo in Context Menu

The shield is originally from Action Center (or called LUA shield by some geeks)
Actually, these what I will give out :-
  1. How to add CMD Administrator (with sheild logo)
  2. How to add Restart Explorer (with shield logo)
  3. How to add All Task (God-mode)
1. Download :-
Link 1 : [MEGA]
Link 2 : [Dropbox]
Link 3 : [Google Drive]

2. Double-click the reg files and click on yes. (for the Restart Explorer please read the note)
Check out your context menu after that. Should be work.

ADVANCE USER (open the reg files with notepad)
if you had any other context menu item (registry file) type and wanna a shield logo, you should add these lines :- "HasLUAShield"="" 
 (Tested and working on Windows 7)

Scare? Watch Video

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