Wednesday, December 04, 2013

How To Block Advertisement On Website (Firefox & Chrome)

Tested on : Mozilla Firefox (v25.0.1) & Google Chrome (v31.0.1)
Firstly, yes mostly website has ads, why? Because they making money from it. Everyone like to download, reading, using something FREELY but never understand how painful to build up website (cost money), to gather traffic, to help crowd of peoples FREELY. Nobody (mostly human, not alien) want to donate to a small website even my website too. But if you use this plugin on your browser, you won't see a single ads. I don't mind if this will ruin my own ads. :)
This plugin will also block ads from YouTube, blogger, and most of the popular website around the world.

Firstly, Install the plugin.
For Mozilla Firefox :
For Google Chrome :

Firefox Guide :-
1. + Add to Firefox and wait until download finish, Install (please wait 5s).

2. You're done. Click the activate features to see advance options.

Chrome Guide :-
1. Add the New Extension.

2. You're done. Sometime Chrome is buggy, restart the browser after add this extension if this not working.

Information : This is peek inside of activate features

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