Friday, December 20, 2013

USB Safely Remove Hardware (Should You Use It?)

Did you know you can pull your flash drive without clicking safely remove?

1. Open Device manager

2. Click on Disk drives > click on your devices > right click and select properties.

3. Default for most USB drive is quick removal where you can pull out the device safely without using Safely Remove Hardware. (But make sure nothing is running from the devices)

Quick removal or Better performance?

-Quick removal is where when you copied a file, the file is directly transfer to your devices, but if the process still not complete (and you pull the devices) the device will loss the data (corrupt).

-Better performance is where when you copied a file, the file is actually not transferring yet, the Windows hold up the process while you using the device for better performance but when you wanna remove the devices, you must use the Safely Remove icon (after that the process will start transferring but not long).

For me, it's better if you use the safely remove hardware to avoid the data corruption. But if you just transferring some sort of documents, you can pull out the devices easily and no worries.


1. Before you pull out your devices, make sure nothing from the devices is running or you will lose some data.
2. If you using External Hard Disk Drive, it's better if you using Safely Remove icon.
3. If you unsure about your devices being used or not, use [Unlocker]

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