Saturday, March 22, 2014

How To Install .Net Framework 3.5 in Windows 8 Offline

.Net Framework is needed to install some useful software. But in Windows 8, you need to download from Microsoft Server first to get .Net even you have the version 4 so with this software you don't even have to download the .Net, just need your Windows 8 DVD or ISO.
Requirements :- Windows 8 DVD or Windows 8 ISO

1. Download software:- Portable
Link 1 : [MEGA]
Link 2 : [DRPBOX]
Link 3 : [GDRIVE]

2. Extract the zip and run the software as administrator.

3. Now insert your Windows 8 DVD or mount Windows 8 ISO and check the drive letters.

4. First change the drive letter (location of the Windows 8 DVD/ISO) then click on Configuration tab.
(if the drive letter is correct then you don't need to change anything)

5. On configuration tab, Installation Mode, tick "Show installation process" after that go back to Install tab.

6. Click on Install to start the process.

7. Please wait the process until successfully installed. (usually 2~5 minutes)

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